Mubert and Picsart are breaking the silence


We are happy to announce a launch of a collaboration with PicsArt, the world’s largest visual creative platform. It’s a big step in our mission to enable any creator with smart music powered by AI. We hope that Mubert will help to create content faster and augment/bolster/multiply users’ capabilities.

“The feature, rolled out in partnership with AI music startup Mubert, will generate an instrumental track in any of more than two dozen musical styles designed to match the mood of a given clip. Trained on a library of over 1 million beats, samples and patterns, the system also has the benefit of being completely royalty-free, since each snippet it generates is a wholly original composition.”

Technology is catapulting superior content production, and we are glad to be a part and thruster of this trend. Today with apps like PicsArt and Mubert everyone can be a creator without worrying about complicated contracts, expensive fees, and low-quality music.

Likes are waiting! Download PicsArt and try making your own viral hit!

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Mubert is a platform powered by music producers that helps creators and brands generate unlimited royalty-free music with the help of AI. Mubert's mission is to empower and protect the creators. Our purpose is to democratize the Creator Economy.

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