Astropilot has reached more than 3 millions generations

November 9, 2019

Mubert is not only the technology but also people. For some, Mubert is the way of self-expression, they want to try something new, for others — the way to make extra money, and the rest just look for their own way. We are going to tell you about creators that have been with us from the very beginning and they still produce samples that are extremely popular among our users. Today we’ll introduce to you one of the most popular Mubert artists — Astropilot.

Astropilot is the well-known artist who is producing music in such genres like Chillout, Trance and Progressive, which are especially loved by psychedelic and yoga crowds. He is a professional mixing engineer, composer and also ghost-producer. Astropilot made a lot of incredible sounds for the Meditate category in Mubert. His streams now have more than has 3 millions generations.
Listen to his most popular stream «Heritage» here:

Recently Astropilot made for us special Daily Stream with the mix of Chillout, Psychill and Ambient genres. It’s called«Verges of Time» and right now you can check it out at our Youtube-channel.

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