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100% legal. Non-stop. Unlimited. Subscription-based. Pay per u

How Mubert® works?

Mubert® is based on a self-learning musical Artificial Intelligence. It uses a huge database of high-quality sounds to generate music in any genre or mood.

Mubert® broadcasts non-stop neverending music via API. The audio stream is flexible and adaptive to external commands or device sensors. Mubert® creates music in all genres, subgenres, moods and activities.

Easy as it is

Pick the music for specific business tasks and watch Mubert helping you out. No more creating playlists, paying commissions and making deals with the copyright holders.

One License for all music

Mubert doesn’t rely on standard licensing. You get one contract for all music by a subscription.


The more users you have the less you pay. For the first 1000 users you pay $1.99 per user.

The easiest way to play music in your app

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