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Royalty-free music for any app & business

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Product Overview

AI-powered software generates royalty-free music tailored to your requirements and broadcasts it via API


Mubert API provides you with

Infinite music

Never-ending streams or tracks of preferred length

Content variety

Choose your genre & pace. Or specify your mood so the music can adjust.


Refresh music at any moment. Use like/dislike feedback to match sound to your taste


Teach music to react to user actions & external triggers


Trusted by top brands

Our music solution has already gained its momentum


No need to puzzle over music anymore - we took care of it

Simply use our API


UX & engagement

Add music to improve the UX or use it for audio marketing


Save money with the lowest cost per track in human history


Forget about music regulation & regional restrictions


Get support with new streams & functionality created by request


Use cases

Build smarter & more interactive services with powerful music solutions catered to your specific industry use cases


Fitness & Workout Apps

Attract more users by adding endless customizable music streams that foster fitness activity

Social Networks

Improve your app retention by enabling users to create their own tunes for stories

Video & Podcasts

Settle any copyright-related issues once and for all with an innovative music-tech integration

Video Editors

Lower spending & higher retention with an endless amount of generated tracks and music streams

Voice Assistants & Smart Speakers

Enhance your voice assistant’s value with customizable real-time generated music

Your custom use case

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Test our sound

We are generating it for you right now

Focus music:

Work music:

Sports music:

Sleep music:


AI-powered algorithm composes and streams music by combining human-made samples


We have our own library of human-made samples that grows up every day. All the sounds are licenced & certified.

Complex algorithms combine the samples the way our musicians taught them to do. We do this separately for every user.

You decide what kind of music should be created. Use existing functions in API or let us develop the custom channels just for you.

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