Alexander Skvortsov

/* CMO */

There are projects that change people’s destiny, projects that consolidate powerful creative energy. I know that Mubert is one of them. Projects like this are described as an inspiring story and to feel yourself a part of this story is just incredible!

I’ve put my youth in creativity, somewhere in between design, advertising, branding and marketing. I’ve been searching for insites, writing communication strategies,  generating ideas, creating brands, drawing websites. I worked a lot with russian start-ups. I’m a believer in lateral and design thinking, I get inspired with products and brands that develop environment. A juncture of music and technologies serves to explore a sacral territory of creativeness origination and to master these energy – this challenge heats my mind! I’m sure that sapience deserves more than being a resource for the neuromarketing machine. In the nearest days to come breakthroughs in a field of human nature will happen and projects like Mubert would let people to uncover new aspects of their individuality.