Mubert® Pro
Monetization Tool for Music Innovators
MUBERT ® Pro — A music content monetization tool for Music Industry Professionals. Create generative streams and earn royalties from each sample played.

Special tools allow labels and distributors to customize the distribution of royalties between their artists and content providers.
How it works?
New Music Format
A patented AI algorithm composes music from samples in real time, according to customer needs.

Create and monetize your loops
Share royalties with your artists
New business model for your sample database
All features are Free Forever
Unlimited access
Unlimited storage
Public statistics
Copyright protection
License protection
How it works?
Simple AF
  1. Upload Samples
  2. Define License
  3. Earn Royalties
The only solution for the fast-growing market of music sales and consumption.
No Limits.
No Stops.
No Fraud.
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