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Online tool for generative music production, management and streaming

GO BEYOND with Generative Music

Generative Music is the fundamentally new way to create music. Expand your creativity with new dimension — user experience, mood and behavior.

  • Infinite
  • Personal
  • Configurable

How it works?

With help of producers community we build the simple and functional web interface.


Upload and tag samples

You can tag your samples with infinite tag groups. Each loop can be licensed with flexible license. Mubert gives a powerful tool for managing your samples.

  • Unlimited space
  • Free hosting
  • Automatic licensing

Create and license stream

Create your personal generative streams or collaborate with other artists. You can create free, premium and commercial streams.

  • Unlimited streams
  • Flexible configuration
  • Automatic licensing

Analyze auditory and Discover New Trends

Use the open statistics database to learn your auditory, understand music trends and analyze your dynamics.

  • Clear, opened and free
  • Updated in real time
  • Developed with a community


Mubert gives the new dimension to your music by adding user influence, taste and behavior factors. Mubert automatically creates personal streams for sport, work, relax based on music tastes, mood, location, speed and many other parameters.

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