World's first online music composer

World's first online music composer

Mubert continuously produces music in real time
A unique stream is created by an algorithm based on the laws of musical theory, mathematics and creative experience.
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Mubert is not a radio


Mubert is the Future of Music


Music produced online

Mubert is a new stage in the music industry’s evolution
Interaction between technology and musical theory made it possible to go beyond the limits of conventional audio recording formats by creating a non-linear audio stream free of the standard music production limitations.


Create unique music by interacting with the outer and inner world of every listener on the planet.

Listen to Mubert anywhere you go

Enjoy your favorite music at any moment
Work, meditate, dance, turn Mubert on at parties and events, experiment and share your results with us.

The algorithm is continuously improved

Today, Mubert composes electronic music in real time. Tomorrow, it will analyze your musical preferences, location and rhythm, will react to behavior and emotions, interact with other devices and will eventually become your musical DNA.

Become a part of a musical revolution

Help us test the technology
Right now, you can check out the test version of the service that generates music in 6 styles (Deep House, Trap, ChillStep, Trance, Ambient and Liquid Funk) and share your impressions along with ideas for further improvements.

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Are you a musician?

Music revolution is impossible without you!
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