When nature combines incompatible things,
the evolution takes place


  • Users 150.000+
  • Customers BBDO, Intel, Miller
  • Founded 2015, Moscow
  • Location Silicon Valley
  • Presentation mubert.pdf
  • Media Kit media.zip


SEP 2015

We begin to develop Mubert. Every day we created some brand new solutions in development, rnd and design. We were just 5 warriors supported by 10 musicians.

JAN 2016
Brave Become first

We published play.mubert.com. It was the first realtime AI music in the Internet. Mubert generated infinite streams in 4 genres, built with samples from 50+ producers.

Jul 2016
First Public Demo

We demonstrated the interactive techno music for more than 30.000 AFP Festival visitors. More then 5.000 feedbacks gave us the information of our next development steps.

Sep 2016
Mubert iOs App

Our web and iOs applications were visited by 100.000+ listeners all over the world. Mubert generated more than 1 million unique music streams.

Feb 2017
Funding in Silicon Valley

After several startup awards in Russia we were funded in by the GVA Capital and moved to Silicon Valley

Jul 2017
Miller Future Music App

More the 20.000 users generated their personal techno tracks based on face recognition including mood, age and facial expression. The application is made in collaboration with Miller and BBDO.


Aug 2017
Musicians Platform Beta

10 first producers got invites to the Platform and now help us to improve the UX/UI design.

Sep 2017
Focus Music App Release

We released the new iOs application. It infinitely composes background music based on process you prefer.


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OCT 2017
Musicians Platform Public Release
Video Technology Presentation
DEC 2017
Platform Statistics Page
Licensing Algorithm Release
DEC 2017
B2B App Release


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